The Nebula has been attacked with thousands of posts by spambots. As a result, I had to disable registration temporarily until I can finish cleaning it and also prevent the bulk of that spam from hitting it again.

I'd like to thank those who have been keeping up with Spinscythe.com and Warz & Battlez so far. There's more content on the way! Happy holidays!



Today, I uploaded the website. Nothing is perfect yet, but Spinscythe now has its own web space. And that is a great accomplishment to me. I am still looking for a music player for the Music section. So until then, I don't have any audio to display. But I haven't stopped working on this.

If you're interested, sign up for the Nebula and join/help start the Spinscythe community. I'm looking for gamers, artists, writers, anime/cartoon lovers, music lovers, fans of Spinscythe and related material, and just all around nice, fun loving people who want to be a part of a growing online community.